becker vineyards – round 2

Back in May, Daniel and I visited Becker Vineyards for the first time. It was our first ever winery visit and we may or may not have gotten so drunk carried away that we became members. I dislike buying wine at the store anyway, so this works out, right? Anyway, now I can enjoy free wine tastings with every visit. Pretty cool, eh?

The ladies and I decided that wine on an empty stomach would not be the best idea, so we used an app called “On the Way” to find something yummy…on the way! I guessed on the name of the kind of app we’d need, and it actually existed! ha! Thyme and Dough wasn’t actually listed, but the spot next door was. We pulled into the lot and decided Thyme and Dough was much more interesting looking! The patio consisted of a variety of chairs, tables, and lights, and indoors wasn’t much different. The place was so welcoming! And the food was so delicious!!
The vineyard visit was another great experience. We stood around inside trying different sorts of wines, and then purchased a bottle to enjoy outdoors. Meanwhile, there was a wedding going on! Almost everyone that was sitting on the vineyard’s porch watched the ceremony. As soon as the bride appeared everyone went silent. Except some sort of dance club that was seated nearby! Security had to come over and ask them to shut off their music. Their dancing was pretty entertaining, too. ๐Ÿ™‚
Giraffe dress here  //  H&M shorties  //  ModCloth booties  //
Little Ray of Sunflower pin  //  Madewell necklace  //  BB shop TX necklace

I was sort of hoping to make the winery visit a hill country excursion like I had with Daniel, but it was getting rather late and we didn’t have too much time to hit up any of the other little towns. Next time! ๐Ÿ™‚

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