adventuring in austin

I spent the weekend in Austin visiting friends. 🙂 It’s always a whirlwind of adventures and foodiness. Is it weird that in order to really and truly relax,  I have to sink into my parents’ couch leave town? Maybe that actually makes sense.
It was Louise’s birthday so we took a really fun mini-roadtrip to Becker Vineyards [more on that tomorrow]. I also hung out with Renée and made our traditional trips to Veggie Heaven and Momoko [also seen here!]. On the way home we happened upon a friend at an ACL event where we scored free Tevas and a goodie bag! It was a really nice surprise. 🙂 The folks from Teva had a cool DIY setup where you could personalize your sandals before taking them with you. I added a bit of glitter and some splatter paint. 
Kogepan is SO GOOD. Cinnamonny tea with pudding and tapioca.

Renée and I were about a block away from Castle Hill, so I ran over to take a few pictures. The place was super busy! [Also here.]

Robo Roku panda tee  //  Francesca’s pleather skirt  //  Modcloth booties  //  Little Ray of Sunflower rose pins  //
Flourish Leather wrap  //  Texas Bueno Bueno ring
Renée went with an embroidered polka dot theme. 🙂

Tevas + Teva freebies [cup, “Teva blue” OPI, sunglasses, chapstick, waterbag, stickers, tshirt, hat!]

I love having friends that still live in the city. The 2.5 hour drive isn’t so bad, and I appreciate having my girly escapes. 🙂

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