What I Wore: Romper and Wingtips

I definitely tend to overshare bits of my life on the web. Something I purposely don’t bring up is my relationship with Daniel. [[Other 2013 when I was engaged and had plenty of wedding photos to share…]]
It seems like as soon as summer ended, we’ve been in crazy work mode. And with our floors being constantly tiled, we can only go out one at a time [the end is near!]. As usual around this time of year, we had the “we need to spend more time together” talk. It’s probably a bi-yearly conversation we have when things pick up speed and we’re consistently pulled in different directions.

First off, Daniel and I are incredibly independent people. I have roller derby, blogging, family, and crossfit outside of work, and he has his own past times, which include hanging out with friends. When I’m home he’s not, and when he’s home, I’m not. See a pattern there? 🙂

Shoemint wingtips in Frankie  //  Urban Outfitters romper  //  H&M socks  //  Jessica Simpson denim jacket

Date night it is! We have to hit the pause button sometimes, ya know? Some couples have a weekly date night, which is cool and all, but very unrealistic in this case. Especially with the two dogs. Coming home from work only to leave them again is kinda mean. :-/

New Wave Bonlook glasses  //  The Bueno Shop Texas necklace and ring  //  This Creative Life coffee cup ring and cat brooch
How do you press pause and spend time with the important people? Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂
p.s. Thanks to Two Birds Photography for the photographs and Brandi for the much-needed haircut [and the very cool Texas ring – impulse buy! I couldn’t help it!!]



  1. Yep. You have to do it. We rarely get to go on date nights any more. But sometimes you just have to say no to everything else, and spend the time you have together. 🙂

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