True Life: Miami

My sister and I visit our family in Miami pretty often. Whenever I tell anyone I’m going to Miami they’ll comment on being jealous, etc. Sure, be jealous that my grandparents are freakin’ awesome, but other than that [and an occasional trip to Orlando!!] things are pretty chill.

This is my aunt. We usually stay with her and my grandparents. My aunt and grandma end up making some really delicious food that we thoroughly enjoy shoving into our face holes. Like quimbombo! Nom.

I tend to harass my grandpa with my camera, but he never seems to mind. Sometimes he even does a little dance. 🙂 He had surgery last year after my wedding and my Miami family has been trying to maintain his activity levels. It’s so cute when he gets all mumbly grumbly about it. Though it might not be too much fun for my aunt!

Aunt #2, and also my godmother. 🙂 She is the only person I know that puts her lipstick on in such a way that the stick becomes concave around the sides but flat on top. Like a Roman column. Have you ever looked at someone’s lipstick tube and noticed the different ways they use it [typical slope, flat top, concave…etc]? I wonder what that says about a person.

My cousin, Ely, is also a teacher. We helped her get her classroom ready. Forest animals is the theme. I can’t believe I haven’t seen any pictures yet!

CafĂ©. A few of us drink this liquid heaven two to three times a day. My grandma [above] makes espresso in the morning, and then after lunch time she’ll take a nap [sometimes I join her or read], then she wakes up and makes some more coffee, and then another batch after dinner. It’s the life, I tell ya.

Typical Miami days. 🙂 Soon I will need to share my Harry Potter World photos from our Orlando roadtrip. I might start craving butter beer, though….drool….




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