Taperia Raca – Miami, FL

Last month, my cousins took Sandy and I out for tapas. They are friends with the owner of a couple different restaurants, who was recently on Chopped – pretty cool, eh? My cousins have mentioned Eating House a few times, and more recently Taperia Raca.

There were so many delicious items on the menu, it was hard to decide! We almost ordered one of everything. :-O I, of course, drooled over one of my faves. The seemingly simple, but oh-so tasty pan con tomate. This version was a garlic lover’s dream!

Arroz con pollo [sans the pollo] is one of my favorite dishes that my mom [and all of my Cuban relatives] makes. Giorgio took it a step further and made croquetas de arroz con pollo. WHAT. You had me at croqueta. Fried rice and chicken balls. And you know how fried stuff usually tastes greasy and full of guilt? It’s like they fried these up with magic – none of these side effects except knowing you could easily stuff about 3 more into your face!

My cousins’ favorites were the short ribs and the montaditos de langosta [lobster]. I just loved how everything was served on wooden dishes in beautiful little formations. I would have taken three times as many photos, but I kept getting really excited to try the food! Oops! This is why I am not a real food blogger. No patience… 🙂

My sister and I couldn’t decide on what kind of sangria we wanted to drink, so we ordered a carafe hiccup of each. Sandy was excited to try a season blend they had…that was out of season. Doh! Next time, Gadget!

If you find yourself in the Miami area sometime soon, I highly recommend Taperia Raca. Or even Eating House! I need to try it next. 🙂