off-season roller derby

I recently ended my 3rd full season with the Bosses, and celebrated my 4th derbyversary last month. Each year I’ve improved a bit, and this last year, I was able to improve my mental game. Through cross-training, a little bit of running, and loads of foot-work practice, I’ve had the guts to take more risks. Increasing my confidence was the best way to better my skills on the track.

Photo credit: Steve Beard.

2014 has been my personal best year so far. I made the main jammer rotation, the cover of a program, a poster, “twirling” became a regular thing, and was just elected co-captain. I was never voted “best jammer” by my team in our post-bout awards, which I always hope for, but I’d say my list is a pretty good size. I have even gone through our stats after the games to see if I’ve improved, made an impact on our score, etc, and, while there’s definitely room for improvement, I am typically pleased with my performance.

Photo credit: Steve Beard.

We are currently in our “off season,” which lasts until January. Because I also play for the Knockouts [where I got my jamming start!], I am not completely off-skates just yet. We had a game against the Cajun Rollergirls a couple weeks ago, and have another coming up in October, and a tournament in November.

Photo credit: Lehane Richards

Photo credit: Lehane Richards

I was really anxious about this last game. I hadn’t skated since our champs bout [one month], and because of teaching, I hadn’t been to Crossfit in two weeks at the time. All I had been doing was walking the dogs a couple times a day, and a tiny bit of running. Thank goodness I hadn’t completely lost my endurance! Our coach told me I was flying that night. Pretty awesome words since I was feeling really nervous!
Endurance is a never-ending battle for me. I fear inactivity because I’m afraid I will lose it – hence my 5K/10K off-season plan. Any Texans know of a good one I can sign up for? I might do the Turkey Trot again, but it depends where I’m celebrating Thanksgiving this year. 🙂




  1. I am LOVING your blog lately. I feel like you've made a few tweaks, and the content has changed (in a great way!) I really appreciate that you took your surveys into consideration. Would you be comfortable sharing your results of the survey? Regardless, I look forward to reading your blog daily!!

  2. Roller derby! My team have gone underground till January to pick our squad up a little! Congrats on all your achievements this season. I fully know how it feels to be recognised by awards and by being put in the position you want to play in! Good luck with the rest of this year's games!

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  3. This is so cool! I've always been amazed by roller derby. Congrats on all the success you've had on your team! Sounds awesome!

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