in my conference bag

I’m headed to Blog Elevated! And though my suitcase isn’t quite sorted yet, my conference bag is. 🙂 I thoroughly enjoy being a student. Which means that I’m loaded up on “school supplies” and little gadgets. A few of the smaller items that travel along within the exterior pockets can be seen below. I also carry a small blush and mascara for touching up during a long conference day. If my face feels icky, you can bet I do, too. I’ll usually scrub my forehead a bit in the bathroom [yay, bangs!] and touch up my makeup.

1. flash drive  //  2. bobby pins  //  3. olloclip and case  //  4. shuttr phone remote  //  5. lip balm  // 6. emergency splenda for my coffee

Below are the items that will probably be visible in whatever session I am in. I’ll hopefully be trading cards with new pals, while stuffing my brain with valuable information. The zipper pouch may or may not be stuffed with different colored pens, thanks to Daniel. Color-coded notes are my specialty, ya know. 🙂

7. planner  //  8. notebook  //  9. biz cards  //  10. bonlook specs  //  11. handmade pencil bag  //  12. emergency phone charger  //  13. doctor who stickies!

Hit me up for a free pencil!

Water, snacks, a printed agenda, my super rad pencils, and printed checklist via Kirsten Oliphant.

The illustrations on my biz cards are by the talented Victoria Rosas. They are SO adorable! I hope we can swap!!

Can you tell that I’m pretty excited? These are the sorts of activities that make me want to be all studious and nerdy again. I’ll be studying soon enough  – more details on that later. 🙂

p.s. Make sure to check out my cat purse giveaway. Another of my favorite bags!



  1. Great post! I love that there is a fellow "splenda emergency" friend out there- haha. Haven't packed a thing yet, so this gave me some great ideas! Hope to run into you at BE!

  2. Im partial to skinny notebooks and Sharpie pens myself. But i did charge my emergency charger. Last year I was a tweeting fool!

    Those pencils are sick!!!!!!!!!

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