What I Wore: Summer is Over

August is a very difficult month. I struggle with the reality of summer ending and my fall, “winter,” and spring being consumed with a work schedule. Going into education is like continuing the schedule you grew accustomed to all your life, and it’s really hard to change your mentality. I’ve already had to apologize to friends and family for being overly emotional or canceling on plans.
It is officially my last day of summer vacation [[the weekend doesn’t count because too many other people have those off.]] and I am going to try so hard so brush this chip off my shoulder. 🙂

I will not be bitter on Monday for the following reasons:
Scuba certification was the first adventure of Summer 2014. Studying for the tests was a lot of fun and makes me want to go back to school! The whole process was enlightening. I can’t wait to use these new skills in a beautiful ocean somewhere.
-Our friends were married in Spain [photos soon], and Daniel and I used it as an excuse to revisit Austria. This time my parents came along, too! 
-This summer’s last hurrah was my biannual Florida trip to see my family. As usual, my cousins planned an Orlando getaway. Diagon Alley for the win!
-In between the getaways, I read good books, cuddled with animals, hung out with friends, my sister, parents, had a few roller derby games, and was able to relax a bit.
As well as taking advantage of my time off, I am thankful for several aspects of my work environment. So many of my co-workers [and department!] are crazy awesome. They are great friends and definitely motivate me to do my best! We are able to hang out sporadically during the day, and make it a point to see each other outside of work, too. Great relationships are the main reason I enjoy doing my job. 🙂
Kling Forman Dress  //  Francesca’s Skirt  //  Manic Trout Bracelet  //  Mark Poulin Dog Necklace [via uncommongoods]  //  Shoemint Wedges  //  Sanuk flats
I am also thankful for my friend, Bonnie, who took these photographs. And thanks to Reeves Antiques for being so chill about us occupying their storefront! 🙂

Do you have a similar work schedule? How do you cope with “back to school”?
P.S. Here is a comical list of reminders I worked on all last school year to help new/newish teachers out. Although sometimes even the vets need a reminder! 😉
-The last roller derby bout of the 2014 season is tomorrow! Try and make it if you can. My team is playing in the championship!
-Check out my favorite activities on the Langford Market blog!



  1. You DID do a lot! But I understand that feeling all too well. It's not that my schedule changes but having a kid going back to school on Monday makes me have a chip on MY shoulder! The homework, the sports schedules, the mind numbing chaos that will be until the end of the school year…ugh! Oh, well….here we go!! PS, I love this outfit!! Good Luck on Monday!!!!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic summer! These photos came out amazing and your outfit is perfect to wrap up summer with!

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