What I Wore – Deep Breath

Today is the day! I waited to see the season premiere of Doctor Who…kind of by accident. The tickets I bought are for a Monday night showing – oops! But it will be a great way to wrap up the first day of school. Fingers crossed.

I know it will take a few episodes for Peter Capaldi to grow on me. Even though I love David Tennant, he took a while! 🙂 Makes sense though – that’s how real life is, too. Not too many people like change. I haven’t yet seen the new episode [tonight!! in this outfit!], the title fits my day very well! Deep breaths, everyone!

Doctor Who Silence dress [similar]  //  Target Space Leggings  //  Bonlook Honeybadger  //  Boots via Modcloth
Hot Topic TARDIS bracelet  //  TARDIS penny necklace [similar]  //  Flourish Leather braided bracelet

Speaking of sci-fi…did anyone catch the series finale of True Blood? It was…okay. As usual, certain characters were extremely long-winded. That’s why last season was so painful! All that talk of Lilith and blah blah blah. I’m sad the show ended because it was one of the only series Daniel and I actually watched together…but it needed to happen.

Are you watching anything special? Did you catch the new Doctor?? 🙂
p.s. I also wore this dress in the country.
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  1. You are TOO adorable!!!!
    I love this outfit and I already love the new doctor. You are going to really enjoy the first episode – lots of FEELS!

  2. Eep! I saw it last night at the theatres as well. It was the only thing that got me through school. Capadli is a lot funnier than I thought he was going to be and his interaction with Clara is a little different. I like it.

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