August 2006 – year one.

I use this hashtag often even though I’m not in the classroom anymore. I still deal with kids, administration, and a teacher’s schedule – just not to the full extent. Until Monday.
Earlier this week I was informed that I’ll need to cover an 8th grade class for a couple weeks. Nervousness, excitement, and anxiety consume me. Switching from Specialist to Teacher requires a different mindset: lesson plans, back up plans, consistency, limited bathroom breaks[!], constant brain activity, power points, activities….yikes! All this on top of my regular duties…we’ll see if I can hack it, eh?

Meanwhile, here are a couple posts from my final year in the classroom. Good luck to me!
Buster used to help me with my lesson plans. 🙂



  1. Good luck with your class! I'm studying to become a teacher so I totally understand those nerves, even though I'm pretty far off. I think I'll be terrified during my first time in front of a class!

  2. I bet you will do just fine! It would be hard to transition back, I'm sure. The kids will love you! We have had lots of changes, too, and I'm a bit nervous about this year, but school starts this morning, so I have to suck it up and do what I do for the kids! Have a great first day!

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