Summer 2014 Reading

I’m off to a bit of a slow start when it comes to summer reading. I finished Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson pretty quickly into my first trip. Just like her blog writing, Jenny is hilarious. I also connected to the fact that she grew up in Texas, which means her childhood oddities didn’t catch me toooo off guard.
She also mentions her anxiety issues several times, and meeting with other bloggers for the first time. This book is super relatable, especially if you are into the webs. 🙂

While I was in Europe, mooching off my friend’s kindle, I read The Circle by Dave Eggers. I think this book was incredibly long. Or maybe it just felt that way. :-/
I respected the whole idea of the novel. Social Media/The Internet has taken over. People interact more on screens, overshare everything, etc. I can definitely relate. And then of course the idea escalates immensely and becomes pretty frightening. I just feel like it dragged on a bit. Too many of the same speeches and conversations that I had to skim through…

Currently, I am reading Landline by Rainbow Rowell! If you’ve read Eleanor and Park, and you know to expect good things from Rainbow. And once again, she doesn’t disappoint!
So far the novel is about a comedy writer that has to work the week of Christmas. Her husband is upset and continues with their holiday plans of visiting his mother [out-of-state] with their two kids. She isn’t sure if they’ve separated or if he’s just gone like they had planned, and the only way she is able to reach him is via landline, sporadically – her mother’s house phone to his mother’s house phone. ALSO, she is communicating with his past self. WHAT. There are quite a big of flashbacks, and unlike most flashbacks, are not annoying. 🙂

After reading a couple reviews, I am picking up Night Circus next. Any other recommendations??



  1. The Night Circus is wonderful 😀

    Other recommendations…? I'm not a 100% sure you are into this, but I have the feeling you might really enjoy Warm Bodies.

    I'm definitely not picking up the Circle, it's something that scares me enough as is, so I'd rather not imagine it all in too much detail;) But the others sound great and I've been hoping to pick up a Rainbow Rowell.

  2. I recently enjoyed a short read called Sum by David Eagleman (and by short I mean I read it while waiting in the airport to board my plane…a two hour wait). Normally I don't waste my money on short reads, but this one I felt was worth it. It's a neat way to view death/afterlife- if you're into that kind of thing! My boyfriend and I had a good time talking about it as well, opened up a lot of avenues for interesting and thought-provoking conversation!

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