hello hallo hola

Hi! I’m writing to you between flights from the Amsterdam airport – this place is awesome! I just posted a few photos to my twitter account, and the photo below to my instagram earlier. If you’re into that sort of thing, make sure to follow along. 😉

D and I leaving Houston. Austria bound!

You’d be surprised how much negativity I’ve received in the past when I share travel photos.  Primarily on Facebook. :-/ I’ve always heard scary/frustrating stories about haters that hide behind their screens, but it’s especially sad when it’s people you know. Have you experienced anything like it?

Anyway, don’t forget to enter the sweet giveaway I have going on! Sierra from Manic Trout is donating a custom necklace of your choice. Be sure to enter. 🙂

Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!!



  1. I hope you have a good time on your holiday. Enjoy Austria. I've never been there but it's full of history.

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