tiny texas towns: stonewall, tx and becker vineyards

The weekend of my one year anniversary, I visited a winery for the first time. Technically, champagne houses are also called wineries, and I have been to a couple of those in France, but this was my first wine winery tasting. And of course we visited Becker Vineyards. 🙂 Located in Stoneawall, Texas, just a short car ride from Fredericksburg, Becker Vineyards was beautiful and busy!

It had been raining all day, off and on, but that didn’t stop the tourists. I tasted delicious wines – mostly reds – and then Daniel and I purchased a bottle and moved onto the patio where we chatted our travels, our future, while sipping on some Tempranillo. These are the moments that I love and appreciate because they are so few and far between. Chatting about things other than chores, errands, or things that need to be cleaned or fixed. Just…life. 🙂

We had such a great time that I decided to purchase a wine club membership [as well as a couple bottles of our favorites]. We’ll be receiving a few bottles every few months, and I am hoping it will make us leave town together more often…and explore some more tiny towns. 🙂



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