the streets of New Orleans

My secondary roller derby team traveled to New Orleans for a game. Wandering the beautiful old streets of the French Quarter was a must before and after we needed to be on the track. The game, as I mentioned, was a tad disappointing, but our surroundings were not. Yes, it rained most of the weekend, but we weren’t discouraged. The streets within the French Quarter are meant to be explored.

I will definitely be looking into a ghost tour on my next visit. Some of my favorite activities included taking these photographs in the French Quarter, enjoying one [or two] banana daquaries, the deliciousness that is Cafe Du Monde, and hitting Bourbon street with my teammates. 🙂

Any recommendations for next time??



  1. If you're looking for a great spot to grab amazing photographs, take a quick trip to the Metairie Cemetary. It's just outside of NOLA, and it's a breathtaking site/sight. Make sure you get into the Garden District as well. Some absolutely beautiful homes and architecture as well as some fantastic shops and cafes. I'm glad you had such a great time. I love that town.

  2. Those hand prints in the pavement are really cool. Then again those mannequins in the window are creepy!

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