the fashionable tourist

Over the years I’ve looked back at photographs from other countries I’ve visited and, for the most part, cringed at my obvious tourist outfits. Shorts, some kind of t-shirt, and sneakers. Blah. It just doesn’t suit me. A couple years ago I traveled to Paris with my mom and sister and decided to create a few outfits in advance because 1) it’s PARIS, and 2) other than clutching my camera, I didn’t want it to look as though I just stepped off an airplane. The most difficult aspect of tourist attire is the comfort of a pair of sneakers. You need comfortable footwear, and it’s typically hard to find something that you can walk miles and miles in…that’s also cute.

In less than a month I will be on my way to Austria, and will be planning my outfits in advance. I’m shooting for:
light colored tops, shorts, one pair of pants, one dress, and my denim skirt.
The trick to not getting a thigh burn is to wear shorts underneath. I love these little gray shorts! They’ve saved me multiple times. 🙂

Shoe-wise I will be taking my super comfortable BZees, a pair of mocs, and another set of comfortable flats. Not even gonna try and wear heels at any point. 🙂 Oh, and my Lowepro camera bag functions as a great purse, too!

BZees Dash are so comfortable! With the cushioned sole and the 1 inch lift. They also come with black laces I’m going to switch into. I’ve been walking my dogs in them as a bit of preparation for my travels, but they don’t even need to be broken in. And there are several other BZees designs, too.

Top via Stitch Fix.
What are your favorite go-to travel pieces? Any tips??



  1. Ooooohhhh. I'll def need to invest in a pair of those shoes. Savannah is a walking city, and I need something both comfy and cool to stroll in.

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