quick update – New Orleans road trip

Woo! This weekend was insane! I traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana to play the Big Easy Rollergirls with the Houston Roller Derby Knockouts. It was a really great trip and a great learning experience. The game was pretty frustrating and our opponents were incredibly big girls. They called us tiny jammers repeatedly, and commented on our team’s size, too.

I didn’t feel mentally defeated like I have during difficult games in the past, but after getting hit in the mouth and having to sit out a few jams due to bleeding [busted lip], I was definitely ready to finish the game. My teammates and I pushed and pushed, and towards the end we had a lot of fun and pulled it together. Afterwards we cleaned up a bit and had the best time on Bourbon street. The. Best.
It took us an hour to walk about 0.6 miles. Every block or so we’d stop so someone could run into a bar, or use the restroom, grab some food, etc. It sounds frustrating, but it was so much fun! There’s is always a lot going on all over Bourbon street, and it was great to hang out with such a diverse group of ladies.
I took photographs during the day, which I will share with you once I have time to edit them. These are shots from my Instagram. šŸ™‚

And now I am back in Texas.



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