wedding details are my favorite

One of my old roller derby teammates got married this past weekend. I was extremely honored to be invited to the small, but beautiful event. We played together on the Knockouts for a couple years and I definitely miss our camaraderie.

She and her husband lead a life of which I am pretty envious. They are adventurers. He is a skydiving instructor, and she is currently teaching Phys Ed in Guam. Pretty rad, eh? I often wish I could just up and move to a brand new country, but I have so many roots here in the states – it’d be tough.
Ruthie [AKA Grande], the bride, and Terri [AKA Punch].
p.s. obviously by “wedding details” I am referring to flower arrangements and cake. 🙂
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  1. You forgot the coolest part of their lives! They are also dog trainers over there 🙂

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