tiny texas towns: blanco

If you’re going to make plans Memorial Day Weekend, you should probably search a few months in advance. 🙂 The decently priced Fredericksburg “entire homes” on Airbnb were all booked up. Fortunately, our Fredericksburg fail led to a Blanco win. The apartment we rented was 20-40 minutes from quite a few towns, which, on country roads, is a pretty enjoyable drive.

The property itself was gorgeous. There were plenty of trees, a two person swing, “swimming hole,” and lots of little [and big] things to photograph. Like this Taco Rey truck. 🙂 Daniel went for a swim, but the water was a little chilly for my Cuban blood, So I wandered around collecting bullet shells.
Luckily it didn’t rain our first evening in Blanco so we could enjoy the outdoors. For the rest of the weekend pretty much it poured. And then we came back to Houston…and it was pouring. Oh, Texas.
One of our rainy day activities involved breakfast at Uptown Blanco. The buffet was delicious! I had a biscuit with gravy [among other things] – something I never eat. So yummy. 🙂 Afterwards we wandered over to an antique shop. I took a few photos and we purchased a set of luggage, then left Blanco for the day on an adventure!

I will gladly go back to Blanco, Texas. It was such a cute little town. And then head out to Becker Vineyards. I’l share some photos from that excursion soon!