one girl’s opinion on neutering your pets

My mom and I were in line at the grocery store when a magazine caught my eye. I typically just flip through as I wait, but the reason this magazine went from the rack and onto the conveyer belt has nothing to do with this blog post. I originally purchased the magazine because of the words “52 Road Trips On One Tank of Gas.” But the first page I read through was definitely not about road-tripping.

The article was titled “Fed Up” by Kerry Howley. Although technically it started with two people driving around [feeding strays/homeless dogs], it was not what I expected to get hooked on. The story made me pretty sad…and then very angry. Specifically because the quote above is so true.
This is my controversial opinion: I think you should get your pets neutered and spayed. For the record, I don’t judge my friends and I respect those who take care of their pets and ensure that they don’t run off and hook-up with some rando.

But therein lies the problem. So many people [not just men – that was the quote], for whatever reason, decide they need a dog. Maybe they’ll be a great “investment,” or I don’t know, “It’ll keep the kids busy,” or what ever other bonehead reason. Then they don’t get their pets neutered or spayed, if they bother with a vet at all. What kills me is when it’s all about getting their “manhood” taken away. Okay fine. That’s awesome. Don’t get them fixed because, “It’s their balls, man,” but then go tie them up in the backyard. Way to care about all of the wrong things.

Here’s another heart-breaking truth-bomb:
“‘If you board dogs, people lose interest.’ Fosters emerge when they see compelling, recently taken photos of dogs…and know the animal to be suffering…”
[[Seriously, cue the Sarah McLachlan.]]

I feel strongly in regards to animals getting spayed and neutered because it is one preventative measure against so many strays. Not just the puppies without a home, but the mommas that get dumped, too [which I had to deal with at work this school year]. šŸ™

I’m constantly hiding behind the fact that Osa is unpredictable. Maybe there is something I can do. Perhaps oversharing my experiences with escaped/stray cats&dogs will make some kind of impact. And maybe there is something you can do, too.


P.S. One of my teammates carries dog food around in her car and exhibits similar acts of kindness. She’s really cool, and the Fed Up article made me think of her. She told me about SNAP – a clinic that offers free and reduced vet services.
P.P.S. I’m sorry if you read the linked article while on your period. If I could hand you a tissue right now I would.



  1. I couldn't agree more with you, people should be more responsible with their furry family.

  2. I also don't think people realize that not spaying or neutering changes the behavior of the dog, then a lot of those dogs get given up due to "bad behavior" and get neutered late. So yeah ok someone can TRY to make up a good excuse not to neuter, but honestly I don't see a single one.

  3. I foster dogs and work in animal rescue and one of my favorite parts of being a teacher is working the importance of spay/neuter and info about shelter animals into my curriculum. Last year I had my remedial writing classes write shelter animal bios for their petango and foster ads. Thanks for talking about this!


  4. YES! Excellent post. That was the first thing I asked my vet about doing when we got our dog. For one, he's a beagle, and I knew damn well he was going to be digging out from our fence (which he has). I didn't want him knocking up all the females in the neighborhood. Despite being ball-less, he's still a little asshole who humps all the blankets and pillows in the house, but I love him to death šŸ™‚

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