What I Wore: An UN-Foolish Giveaway

If you are involved in different activities, like sports, crafting, classes, gaming, etc, you need a group of friends that can relate. When it comes to blogging, I have a few really awesome friends that I turn to for advice over and over again. My friend, Renée is lucky she lives in Austin, or I’d harass her pretty often! Whenever I’m in town we drive/walk around taking really cool photos and talking all kinds of nerdy. 🙂
Victoriathe creator of this AMAZING new layout – helps me so much with editing questions and illustrations. I also ADORE her coffee and cat comics. This girl is freakin’ talented, folks. [[Thank you so much!!]]
My friend Kiki, who is also a [hilarious] blogger, and the coach of my roller derby team, is my other go-to blogger friend! She lives in Houston, which makes our “nerd nights” very convenient. I see her at practice once a week, and sometimes it’s hard to separate derby and blogging. I’ll want to mention something, or ask a question in the middle of a drill…not the best idea. haha! Anyway, we got together because she offered to help me take some outfit photos for a blog post and her super cute kiddos had a surprise for me. Little did I know that the direction of my “outfit post” was definitely going to change. 🙂
Their church has this really awesome woodsy area, so we met up over there. It was a patch of secluded forest, which I thought would be perfect for taking my super awkward photographs –  among other things APPARENTLY.
Smith’s Opticians Vintage Sunglasses  //  Shoemint Katrine Boot  //  LOFT modern skinny jeans  // Star necklace  //
Houston Roller Derby H “RAWR” D tee and bracelet  //  Flourish Leather bracelet  // 
Can you see the leftover derby smudge on my arm?? 🙂
As I heard the pitter-patter of little feet, I thought, “What could my surprise be?!”
Fool, indeed! Kiki captured much more on her end. But I had my revenge!! Chasing those boys around was a lot of fun. They were good sports, but I’m pretty sure I was the stickiest best sport of all! 🙂 Especially when, post-pie-in-the-face, Lincoln [pictured above] asked me, “Feisty, why do you look old??” HA! Thanks, kid. 😉
Definitely check out her post for loads more fun! And also….
Make sure to enter our very Un-Foolish April Fools Day Giveaway!
Now that we’ve cleaned up a bit, I’d like to introduce you to a giveaway that makes me a little jealous:
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for TWO winners!
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[[I believe in feeding all of the Amazon addictions!]]
You can enter multiple times, however you’d like! Good luck!

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What are your favorite April Fools’ Day pranks??
When I was younger I put Vaseline all over the toilet seat before my sister used the restrooms. BAHAHA
Tame but hilarious!!
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  1. Honestly, I was never fond of April Fools. I never really liked pranks, I like jokes and magic tricks, but the going to school on April Fools and never knowing who you could trust kinda spoiled it for me haha. Even watching others get pranked makes me slightly uncomfortable;)

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