weekend roundup

I haven’t done a “this was my weekend” post in a while, but there was so much going on that I wanted to explain why I neglected my blog come Monday morning.

Happy [belated] Easter!  Because Daniel and I had Good Friday off, we made dentist appointments! With my sister! She works near Fort Worth, so we had a very long drive up on Friday morning. There wasn’t enough time to drop the dogs off at my in-laws’ place, so Daniel stayed in the car during my one filling, and I read outside with them for his ELEVEN [it had been quite a while!].
I thought I had been put on nitrous before, but based on my reactions, I don’t believe I have. Sandy said I was practically yelling whenever I’d speak -oops! I made silly jokes and became confused rather easily. It was kind of liking being drunk. And this was on the child-size dose of the gas. haha!

Afterwards we dropped the dogs off, raided the pantry, and then met up with Sandy and Bo for dinner. It had been a long day and we were all pretty brain dead, so after dinner, we exchanged little Easter gifts and went our separate ways.

Saturday was filled with little league and party-prep. Daniel and I watched our nephew, play tee-ball and soccer. Back to back! And since it was also Traci’s [sister-in-law] birthday, Daniel’s parents were throwing her a party, so the rest of the day was filled with decorating and balloon fetching. 🙂 The celebration was very chill. It reminded me of my wedding reception that was in the same exact spot, with the same exact caterers, almost 11 months earlier. 🙂

Sunday…..Easter service. It wasn’t as packed as my mom’s church gets, for which I am grateful. 🙂 Afterwards there was an egg-hunt and a delicious home-cooked lunch thanks to Traci. A post-meal nap was calling, but we had to hit the road. Easter traffic was awful! Poor Daniel drove the whole way, and even let me sleep a little after all. Hooray for sweet husbands.

5 hours later, we got home, took care of the animals, then went out separate ways again. I wanted to give my parents their Easter basket and Daniel had a Rockets game to attend.
Once I arrived home for good, I hopped in bed and fell asleep watching my shows on hulu plus. Too tired to even think about blogging! And poor Daniel, the Rockets went into overtime and ended up losing.
We are both pretty wiped on this Monday!

How was your weekend?