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As a dog-lover that is allergic to cats, I never thought the day would come when I would willingly adopt a kitten. I began my work day, as usual, unsuspecting that I’d walk out of the building that afternoon with a kitten in a copy-paper box. It’s been about 6 months since this little ball of fur came home with me and I regret nothing about my decision. The cough I developed for a month came and went, and all I wanted to do was make sure Rory received the very best care, which includes feeding her grain free cat food.

Through the years I have noticed the enormous difference that pet food ingredients make. My dogs have been eating grain free for years now, and it is shows in their energetic behaviors, health, and shiny coats. Because I care about Rory just as much, I make sure that she, too, enjoys grain free pet food.
Our first few months with Rory included a daily nose and eye wiping. Her poor little allergies were consistent for months. Since switching to GOODLIFE™, I rarely fuss around her tiny little kitty nostrils – and trust me, Rory appreciates it. 🙂 Something Rory might not like quite as much: the amount of snuggles I attempt. Her cat food makes kitty fur so soft! I just want to nuzzle my face in her warm little body and never let go until she scratches me.

Any living being deserves to be cared for.
These are some considerations you should take when bringing home a new cat [or pet!]:
1. Take your new kitten to the vet for a check up.
2. Consider getting her fixed, especially if you plan on letting her go outside.
3. Introduce her to any other animals, as well as your home, slowly.
4. Keep a collar on [or chip] just in case.
5. Toys!
6. Keep a scratching post near furniture – as a better alternative.
7. Spray bottle for no-scratch training.
8. A pet bed – as an option.
9. And lastly, the very best cat food. In all this excitement about a new pet, people don’t tend to think about what kind of food they will buy.
If you are adopting an animal, please make sure you are ready, and do your research.

p.s. I chose the “indoor recipe” for Rory from Walmart. Rory will probably enjoy the “salmon recipe” next. 🙂
p.p.s. GOODLIFE™ is offering $1 off coupons – grab it yourself!



  1. I'm horribly allergic to cats too. So much so that no matter how adorable a kitty is (like Rory), I just can't bring one home. Not even allergy medicine helps completely, it just delays the symptoms.

    We just recently switched our dogs to a grain-free food and I am also loving it for them. It's still in the early stages of our trial, but we've been really happy with the results so far. And goodness do our pups seem to love it too. Our beagle keeps trying to bust in the pantry for more, the little piggy!

  2. Technically, this food is only wheat free, not grain free (because it contains rice). Still looks like a good food, based on the ingredient list. I was amazed at the changes in my dogs when I switched them to a better quality food. Rory's got it good!

  3. I have never had a problem with a cat vomiting from wet food. I have used the Natures Logic, Natures Organics, Wellness, Avoderm, Natural Balance. I also make my own cat food with raw meat, made from chicken and turkey. So it surprises me that your cat is reacting that way. I would be less surprised if you were using some of the less desirable foods such as Fancy Feast, Science Diet, etc.

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