greetings from houston, tx

I grew up in a few different places: Florida, California, Saudi Arabia, and finally, Texas. My family raised me in a suburb outside of Houston and didn’t travel into the “city” all that often. It wasn’t until I moved back home from college in Austin that I was finally at an age where I wanted to explore Houston…but I was also kind of bitter. Why did I have to leave Austin? Why couldn’t I stay there forever? So much kerbey queso, outdoorsy-ness….and my friends, too, I guess. šŸ™‚
It took a couple years, and a fun boyfriend [that would be Daniel] that loved exploring, but I finally came around. Don’t get me wrong, a piece of my heart remains in Austin, but I’ve fallen in love with Houston and the secret treasures hidden throughout the city.




  1. I've lived in Houston for 4 years now, and I also grew up in a suburb an hour outside of Houston. I hated Houston when I was younger but after living here I've come to love it. I'm glad you've also come to see it in a positive light.

  2. Same story for me between San Antonio and Austin.
    I stuck to my little corner of San Antonio throughout high school and college…and it wasn't until I moved to Austin and would seek out things to do that I found so many great activities and fun things in SA!

  3. I actually live in the Rio Grande Valley and I've visited Houston once when I was 10 w/an art group. I don't remember much about it, just that we went to a Holocaust museum and we visited NASA. I've been wanting to go back, but just never had the chance. Hopefully I get to sometime this year or next.

  4. Found you on a search for Houston art! I too am always struggling between Houston and Austin. Where is this located, btw?

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