dinner party

My closest friends had a dinner party this weekend. As the years go by I feel like there’s less and less time to just hang out with friends. These are the reasons I am actually glad that social networks exist. Though life gets crazy, you can still text, message, or tweet at your loved ones [although, yes, it’s not the same].

Maria made a vegan chocolate cake. SO GOOD.

Meet Tofu. 🙂

Tofu’s pretty good at helping with the dishes.

How do you keep in touch with friends? Do you have a set day/time to see them?


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  1. I really adore your table setting photos. You have a real knack for bringing out the beauty of the food, the decorations and the whole feel of the dinner party. That chocolate cake looks so delicious, I wanna crawl into my computer and get a piece right.now!

  2. That cake looks sooo good. I think it looks ridiculously good to me, because I haven't eaten lunch yet. Ha! My friends and I usually set a side a day every week or every other week to hangout. Just recently I had a little get together for Table Top Day on Saturday at my place.

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