a tribute to black dogs

Sampson and Osa appreciate when I need to relax because it means they get a nice long walk. There’s no rhyme or reason to their outings, I’m afraid. I wish I could take them out in the morning…perhaps that will be a fall resolution. 🙂

I’ve never taken my camera with me on a dog walk, but was thinking that Sam and Osa look so curious and beautiful, how have I not already photographed them? Another man who was walking his dog called them “fine looking.” And they are! With their soft and sleek black fur.

Have you heard of [big] black dog syndrome? Last year, around this time, when Daniel and I were taking our engagement photos at the donkey rescue ranch, Marjorie told us about the “phenomenon” as we passed her rescued dogs. And then recently my friend Melissa of Bubby and Bean posted about the black dog project. Maybe I’m biased, but there’s a soft spot in my heart for black dogs. If you’re ever rescuing a pup of your own, take the darker furred babies into consideration. They sure are sweet. 🙂


p.s. I was just reading through Melissa’s post again and noticed that we both referenced having weak/soft spots in our hearts for black dogs. haha!



  1. This is the first I've heard of black dog syndrome. And that's just crazy talk to me!

    I have one of the most beautiful and sweetest black dogs I've ever known. Sure I may be a bit biased, but tell that to everyone else that has to pet her & tell her how pretty she is. I just couldn't imagine my life without this my sweet pound puppy!

  2. I heard that black dogs get overlooked in shelters, and when people buy from breeders, because people can't read their expressions very well. I'm not sure if it's totally true, but definitely an interesting thought!

    'Fine' is a great word for your dogs, they are lovely 🙂

  3. It's seriously ridiculous that people don't like adopting black dogs. My dog and my cat are both black, with white underbellies. They're both super sweet!

  4. I read about it too on Melissa's blog, it's so sad because black dogs are so cute. I used to have a Belgian Shepard that i loved so so much. Black with a tiny white spot in his chest. Now I have a silly, terrible and lovely shih-tzu, white with black tinny spots in his paws and ears 🙂
    Your dogs are simply gorgeous.

  5. My fmaily has two black dogs too! And they are adorable! Feisty, yes. But ridiculously sweet, too. Sam and Osa look beautiful. I love how the third photo (right side) shows one looking behind him and the other looking somewhere else with a priceless expression on his face. 🙂

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