What I Wore – the jury duty that never was

Last week I was supposed to attend my first every jury duty. I’ve always been afraid of being chosen simply because of the parking situation and driving downtown. It’s not out of fear, just frustration. I tend to avoid places where I know parking/maneuvering will be a pain. Because I haven’t changed my permanent address yet, I was assigned to a court in Sugar Land, which meant it wouldn’t be any big time stuff, and parking would be a cinch. Cool! My first jury duty experience was already looking good. I made sure my phone was charged, filled my purse with activities and snacks…only to find out jury duty was canceled! I arrived to a notice stating that all trials were canceled for the day. They gave me my letter for work and I left. Slightly disappointing, but pretty cool, too. 🙂
On the bright side, I had been sick all week, so after some breakfast with my mom, a bit of relaxing was in store for the rest of the day. I changed into my “lounge-wear” [see: sweatpants and an old shirt of my dad’s], filled some dog bones with peanut butter, and chillaxed.
I am obsessed with rocking chairs and porch swings. My mom says she most definitely rocked me to sleep all the time. ‘Splains it all!
What I was going to wear to jury duty:
Origami Owl Locket  //  Flourish Leather Wrap Bracelet  //  ModCloth Black Tea with Milk Blouse  //
LOFT modern skinny jeans in rose  //  Shoemint Torrie Flats

There was a package for me when I got home. Claire from ClaireyLouCreations sent me the cutest little fox pin! The stitching is so intricate – you can see each individual eyelash on my little foxy friend. She’s the sweetest – and has the cutest items in her shop!




  1. Girl, I feel the same way about jury duty! I avoid it at all costs because of parking and all that jazz. Glad you got a day to relax instead!

  2. I've only been called to Jury Duty just once, but luckily I was in school at the time, so I didn't have to stay. I was only there for 20 mins.

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