What I Wore – Doctor in the Country

Sweet music greeted Daniel and I when we arrived to the Ramsay House. I had to start getting wedding-ready right away so we could leave on time, but Daniel, being a guy and therefore requiring much less time, sat down to relax in front of the TV. As I was curling my hair in the next room, I heard a familiar tune. The theme song to Doctor Who was playing! T’was a sign. I should definitely wear my DW dress the next day when we explored town.

In case you have no idea what all the creepy tallies represent, it’s in reference to The Silence. Any episode involving them seriously freaks me out. They’re an enemy that you forget as soon as you look away – cripes. The marks are the number of Silence around you. So once you’ve forgotten, you see tallies on your body and remember. Freaky, right??
Them and those weeping angels….[which this t-shirt references!]
Oh, and look what I stumbled upon:
Pretty sweet!
This list is pretty short. ๐Ÿ™‚
Shirt: appears handmade from this tee  //  Boots: Shoemint  //
Sunglasses: Tumbleweeds Handcraft  // Socks: H&M

Do you watch Doctor Who? Or maybe you are obsessed with a different show…which one[s]?? I’m running out of stuff to binge watch. ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks to Daniel for helping me with the photography. I love you!



  1. I love Doctor Who! Such a good show. I also started watching Sherlock and am really liking it! Did you watch Torchwood at all?

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