through my [fish]eyes

Most of these photos were taken on my iPhone, using my Olloclip, which I am obsessed with. They should probably just make me an ambassador, don’t you think? 🙂

Sometimes I joke that I live in my car. Houston is a pretty cool city – but it’s rather large.
This last weekend my team, the Bayou City Bosses, had their 2nd game, which happened to be against our rival team, the Psychward Sirens. It was a pretty rough game, and we ended up losing, but there were quite a bit of takeaways. We’ll get them next time. 🙂
The photo below was taken before the game, when a few of us went to grab some coffee.
 I haven’t been feeling so great since Sunday. I’m not used to being sick, so I’m kind of a big baby for the time being. Drinking emergen-C, water, coffee. Get well soon, me! 🙂


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