Ramsay House B&B

I mentioned yesterday that I waited until the last minute to book a hotel room for the wedding I attended recently. Everything was filled up, which was no surprise seeing as the wedding was in the small town of Dripping Springs, TX, and it is close enough to Austin that prices were jacked up for SXSW. Thank goodness for Airbnb! I found a reasonably priced spot in Wimberley, which was a bit of a drive from the venue, but so amazing that I didn’t even care. 🙂

It was raining when Daniel and I pulled up, but it was the kind of rain that makes everything beautiful and shiny. After getting the key from the lockbox and looking around indoors for a bit, I wanted to capture some of the natural beauty outdoors.
The property was off a very windy road that ran parallel to a beautiful river. I wish our stay was a bit longer so we could walk along taking photographs. Next time! I’ve already favorited the place on my Airbnb account. 🙂

The owner is so nice! We had been texting that day about instructions, etc. When we arrived she had coffee fixin’ sitting out. I’m sure it was meant for the morning but Daniel and I enjoy coffee at any time. She also had breakfast supplies on the counter when we returned from the wedding later that night. This simply begged for midnight snacking. 🙂 Our experience at the Ramsay House was superb, if only for one night. I already plan on visiting again for at least two!


p.s. Other than the wedding, which I will share soon, Daniel and I ventured into town – read more about that in this post.



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