Photo an Hour – First Sunday

I’ve mentioned before that I feel like a failure when it comes to “photo an hour” posts. Today’s attempt may not be any better, but the outlook was so productive, I figured I’d give it a go. 🙂

As an athlete, I am constantly looking for some kind of chew, gel, or drink that will give me long-lasting energy. For a couple weeks I will be trying out X2PERFORMANCE. So far so good! The first Sunday of every month, HRD has morning practice [as opposed to evening practice] and it is painful! My bones, joints, and muscles are still half asleep and in need of a good 5 hour stretch, not to mention on a warm morning like today, I woke up with slightly swollen extremities – blargh. :-O

This little sucker perked me up for a good while! After about 30 minutes I felt wide awake. And although it was more of a drill day, I was spinning and jumping a more than usual for a Sunday morning. So weird – and exciting! I’ll try my next bottle before Wednesday night scrimmage. After a long day of work I’ll need it!

8am // drive to derby

Disclaimer: I am being compensated to try and endorse X2PERFORMANCE, but my opinions are my own. I’m very excited to experience maximized results in my roller derby career! [[ Free Trial ]]

9 – 10am // Houston Roller Derby league practice.
11am // Groceries.

12am // Scrub the derby off.
Shorts weather has been on and off in Houston, and what with roller derby games and “what I wore” posts, I’ve been having to shave my legs more often. The fine folks over at sent over my favorite razor thus far. It leaves my legs feeling silky smooth and each cartridge lasts a pretty long time. 🙂

1pm // Lunch! If I don’t share my food with Sammy, he begs for attention. Such a cute old man.

2pm // Crockpot cooking round 2! I’m still a newbie and ignorantly poured too much water in first. The recipe called for a couple more cups than were necessary and my “stew” was more of a soup. At least it was a tasty soup.

3pm // Checking to make sure the soup wasn’t overflowing [which it did], playing with Rory, and hanging around with Daniel a bit.

4pm // Naptime…[[why do dogs like to sleep with their butts in your face?]] Osa is the gassiest dog I have ever encountered. You may not be able to tell, but Daniel is covering his face with a pillow…and not because he is camera shy.

5pm // Derbalife info meeting via Zoom
My friend and teammate Smack came over. We are starting a trial run of “Derbalife.” I am also starting my Shakeology challenge this week! It appears that I will be stepping things up, eh?

6pm // Soup with friends.
Like I said, the stew was more of a soup. Smack and I enjoyed a bowl and then I nuked some banana bread from the other day.

7pm // Some Osa TLC.
Osa has some talons. After a friend called me out on it I decided to pull out ye old Pedipaws and file ’em down a bit. She isn’t afraid of the machine, but you can tell she’s not too fond of the vibrating. I have to keep a leg over her, but she stays pretty calm.

8pm // Macaroons and multi-tasking.
The rest of my night was spent taking care of social media things. Like this blog post. 🙂



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