what i wore: critter in boots

I’m not sure if it’s my degree in Psychology, but I always wonder what people’s lives are like. Maybe it has nothing to do with my background. Maybe my curious nature is what drew me to Psychology. Anyway, I spent some time in new surroundings this past weekend. While at a bar, there was a disco cover band on stage. It was odd because they were in cheesy costumes, but so many of the women in the audience were eating it up. I couldn’t help but wonder, “What are these guys like off-stage? In their real lives??” I find myself thinking like this pretty often…homeless people, a bike rider I happen to pass, the guy that sells newspapers near the freeway, the server at a restaurant…etc. Is it just me, or are these normal inquiries?

Sometimes I wonder what other people think I’m like. A friend once told me I appear uninviting. That’s fine with my introverted self! ha! [just kidding…maybe]
I doubt anyone would guess I play rollerderby, that’s for sure. ha.
Sweater: American Rag via Macy’s [gift] // Skirt: bordeaux via Anthropologie
Necklaces: BuenoBueno, Madewell
Boots: Shoemint // Nails: Kitty Kitty by Sally Hansen
I had a pretty awesome video idea about what you might think about me versus what is true. While I tend to be an open book, I feel like people misconstrue the things I share…or my actions. Might be a cool project to follow up on…




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