What I Wore – a chilly night stroll

The last weekend of winter break, post-Florida, Daniel and I visited his family in Cresson, TX. It was a lovely road trip with the dogs and my dude. Plus it was cold, which I welcomed with open arms after spending over a week in the Miami heat [miss you, family!].

The evening we arrived, Cooper, my nephew, wanted to go for a walk, which actually meant that Daniel and I would walk, while he drove his firetruck around. 🙂 After a 4.5 hour drive…YES. Osa and Sam came along, because, after all, they were also trapped in the back of a Honda Fit for all those hours. I was so proud of them as they wandered around leash-less [Osa was muzzled].. Anytime Daniel whistled or I yelled “come” they did an about-face. Dogs get so distracted when they have wide spaces for roaming, I was impressed with their focus. ha! 🙂
Superdry Snood Scarf: Surfdome [more styles here]
Top: Urban Outfitters
Leggings: Sassy Steals
Boots: Minnetonka
Fox Ring: Michael Tatom
Fox brooch [seen in final photo]: my shop
This snood was perfect for the FTW-area chill. I grew up being told to make sure I covered my chest and the snood warmed me up right there. It’s definitely my favorite stylish, as well as useful, accessory. 🙂
In the photo below you can see my jacket stuffed into Cooper’s firetruck. The snood first perfectly underneath it – pops out like a cute scarf or turtleneck. 🙂
Poor kiddo, by the time our walk had ended, his little hands were frozen. He was a trooper on the road, though!


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  1. I love your outfit posts, so much! They're always so cute. Those leggings are amazing, too!

    I recently got my dream job as an Educational Assistant in an elementary school, so now I'm always looking for outfit ideas that I can wear there. Only jeans on Fridays 🙁 And I wear fiberglass bite sleeves until lunch time because I work with a child who bites, so that narrows down the tops that I can wear, haha!

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