Miami staple – Graziano’s Market

Anytime I’ve ever posted a photo of the delicious empandas and coffee from Graziano’s, I receive several requests! I wish I didn’t overpack so much that I could fulfill them all because these empandas are THE BEST. My mom especially loves the little cafe inside the market, so we tend to go on her hoarding missions. Just kidding, but she really does buy a couple  boxes to bring back to Houston. 🙂
I stick to the spinach empanadas – such a delicious garlicy flavor mixed in there. Daniel always tries a few different kinds. Onions and corn, three cheese, etc.
Graziano’s and Knaus Berry Farm are my two favorite spots to fill up on carbs. 🙂 A new spot that Ely and Javi recently introduced me to is Islas Canarias – specifically for breakfast.

Do you have any favorite restaurants? Know any hole in the wall amazingness in the Houston area? 🙂