Low Key N.Y.E.

That I can remember, I’ve had about three really amazing New Year’s Eves. I’m not going to lie and say this year’s was amazing, but I seriously loved it to death.
Daniel and I were staying with my cousin and her husband in Miami and wanted something low key. After searching the web and asking around, we decided a nice evening of dinner and family would do the trick. 🙂

It was a pretty perfect evening. We had dinner and drinks at Hillstone’s in Coral Gables. Almost everyone had some sort of rib or steak dish – and apparently loved it. My sushi was “aiight.” Jumbo shrimp is weird no matter how it’s sliced, diced, or fried…
After a lot of laughter, wine, and some table drawings, it was after 10pm and we hightailed it to my grandparents’ house.

We ate grapes at midnight, checked out the local fireworks, and walked around smoochin’ each others’ cheeks for a while. By 1am it was bedtime! My cousins, Daniel, and I were all pooped from biking/running several miles earlier in the day, and I didn’t mind one bit. Other than January 1st marking my return to Texas, I thoroughly enjoyed my new years eve. [old lady status for the win!]