I had the marvelous opportunity to review a variety of delicious cookies. They came in separate boxes [6!] and I made them all within a week because they were so good! Daniel liked the White Chocolate Wasabi and Oatmeal Toffee, my dad really liked Snickerdoodles, and I loved Chocolate Spice and Chocolate Chunk [see a trend??].

Making a dozen cookies took, on average, about 20 minutes. Preheat the oven, open the box, place the dough balls on a tray, and wait. The cookies come out super soft, but if you give ’em 5 minutes, they’ll become firm enough to take off the tray and [carefully] eat all at once. 🙂

Thanks to Jen and Joe for allowing me to taste test these suckers. Easiest and tastiest treat to make for a meeting, family dinner, or gift a cookie loving monster friend! NOM!