Holidays 2013

Things are getting cheery around here! Daniel and I finally put the tree up, and I’ve scared Rory away from it…for now.
Ornaments are next! Better place the fragile ones up high.

I returned from Austin this afternoon. Other than the crummy weather, it was a pretty perfect day…with a pretty perfect ending. Because I’m sitting in my amazing new recliner, with a lit up Christmas tree, and a little kitten curled up in my lap.


p.s. Congrats to Amanda! She won the Cykochik handbag. 🙂


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  1. I have yet to put up my Christmas tree, I'll probably do that today. I'm just hoping my newest dog doesn't try to eat the tree, since she's in that stage of putting everything in her mouth. Rory looks so cute! -Alyssa

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