holiday travel traditions

The holidays are a busy time for almost everyone, my family especially. A few of us spend our holidays in Miami, and traveling with a lot of presents just isn’t doable. Since I can remember, we’ve done a mini-exchange before our departure. This is when I give my sister, parents, dear friends, and now-husband their presents. šŸ™‚ I love Christmas week! ha!

My mom always decorates the chimney – I love it. The lighting is perfect. The other night, while watching Home Alone 2, my parents and I opened a couple gifts. It was almost perfect, except that my sister wasn’t around. We’ll do our mini-exchange soon. And then the real deal in Miami! This will be the first Christmas Daniel and I spend together in 8 years. Crazy, right?

My parents hooked me up with a pretty sweet North Face jacket and this dress. Pretty Bossy, eh?

A new holiday tradition? I attended my CrossFit gym’s holiday party this year! I couldn’t stay long because of a 2nd party a friend of mine was having. I was also pretty wiped from the day’s 10K [more on that later].