This is not a blog post in which I share my goals and resolutions with you. This is about a weird thing I’ve been doing lately: running. I don’t even like running. I don’t do it daily, and I don’t even have the right shoes. Running is boring. Unless it’s a K. 5K or 10K. ๐Ÿ™‚

It makes sense in my head. There is a clear goal: the finish line. And I get to use my Nike+ App and keep track of my distance and time, and compare it to previous runs. Improving is fun. Comparisons are fun. Running? Not so much. I will say that completing these runs, and lowering my times, has definitely been motivating, though! And with the rollerderby season starting back soon, I need all the endurance training I can get my hands sneakers on. In fact, I am hoping to acquire some new running shoes.

My sister and I ran our first 10K over Thanksgiving break. I mentioned our scheduled breaks, etc, which worked out very well. My post-race nap was pretty much the best ever, and I was barely even sore.

The last 10K I participated in was with my friend Caitlin. She and her friend Julie ran the entire 6 miles, which was all the motivation I needed to keep my feet moving. It was all in my head! I never thought I’d be able to run 6 miles non-stop, and I did it. Granted it only cut my time by about 7 minutes – ha! I definitely deserved a nap that day, but never had the time. EEK. Headache all day, and soreness for a couple more days. Well worth it, I’ve decided.

Funny story: After the run, I was standing around waiting for my friends by the finisher shirt booth when a guy holding an old school Minolta did a double take. He kneeled down and totally took a photograph of my camera tattoo. ha! I’m gonna check the web at some point in search of that shot.

Do you run? How early do you wake up? Can you handle coffee and water before the run, or do you choose one over the other? Breakfast? I’m thinking these things had to do with my post-run headache.


p.s. my sister and i are doing one more run this coming weekend. not a 10K! we are taking it easy with a 6K. ๐Ÿ™‚
p.p.s. since my last running post i have lost a few pounds and kept them off. i’m back on the wagon just in time for the new year.



  1. I run 3.5 miles 3-4 times a week and find that I need to increase time or distance every week to keep myself feeling like there is a goal or I get bored. It also helps me to run with music. I am super prone to headaches in general and will get them from running if I am scrunching my shoulders when I run. If I'm really stressed this tends to happen and I have to remind myself to let go. I prefer to run in the evenings as I am not a morning person and I eat a snack and chug a big glass of water about 30 minutes before I go.

  2. I love running ๐Ÿ˜€ I actually just ran 6 miles yesterday! It is totally great for fitness, and like you said, definitely helps keep weight off. ๐Ÿ™‚ I usually just drink water before I run, but I'm not a coffee person. Props to you for doing a 10K! I normally just run in the park, away from the crowds.

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