What I Wore – Leggings and Lounging

Oh, friends. I have been majorly slumping.
For a little over a month now, I’ve had a nasty cough I just can’t shake. This is coming from the girl that is never illin’. I used to brag about it constantly! The worst part is that it’s not a achey muscles/feverish kind of sick, it’s just an sporadically annoying fit of coughs/fever.
Some people think it might be tied to my cat allergies…I might have to cave soon and agree. It started a couple weeks after I rescued Rory, so who knows. Or maybe my body is telling me it is time to slow down a bit and take a breather.

All I know is, I had not exercised [no derby, no Crossfit] in about a month, and it was making me crazy. We are currently in the “off season” of rollerderby so, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been avoiding those 2-3x/week 80 mile drives. [My gas tank/tires/wallet are very appreciative.] However, I decided to start back at Crossfit this week…and ouch! Good luck to me in my “weakened” state. It’s like my muscles are waking up from hibernation. haha Big stretch guys, we can do this!

Speaking of a weakened state: While I was feeling all wonderful and healthy [see: about a month ago], my sister and I signed up for a 10K Turkey Trot. TEN KAY. I’ve only ever in my life fun 5Ks. I guess I’ve got to suck it up and train no matter what! And I’ve only got a few days until go-time. YIKES.

Dog necklace: Mark Poulin via UncommonGoods
Coffee cup ring: Robo Roku
Stacking rings: Reigruche Studio
Glasses: Bonlook

Leggings: Always via Sassy Steals
Denim shirt: Old Navy

How are you staying fit when cold&flu season is raging??

p.s. check out my guest post on Cykochik and see what’s in my bag. 🙂



  1. Being sick is the worst! I'm hoping to avoid catching a cold/flu this season by being a hermit.
    Is Crossfit worth the price? I typically do Crossfit-ish workouts on my own, but the classes seem fun…?
    Love those leggings!

  2. Well you look great – I love the leggings! I'm allergic to kitties and it does sound like it could be a cat allergy. Maybe try taking an allergy med and see if it helps? I feel horribly lazy the last few weeks. I was walking 2-3 miles a day throughout my pregnancy but it's been freezing here and I'm slacking now. I need to pick it back up!

  3. I hope you feel better soon, not being able to do all the stuff we want sucks sooo much,.and by the way that outfit looks totally comfy and cute, the leggings are really pretty.

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