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I recently did a bit of research on social media and thought I’d share. The most recent digging was done through And I am a jerkface because I can’t find where I stumbled upon the other source. I took paper and pencil notes, guys! No link trail spotted. :-/

Here is a list of what I think are the most useful tips/apps for increasing your e-prescence.
[Which I am in the process of trying out! :)]

Hootsuite! I’m so late to the game. You can manage multiple social networks through this one app, and the best part is you can schedule a post to any of them! This works wonders for me because of my FT job.

Iconosquare! I have used Iconosquare [formerly Statigram] a few times in the past, but never took advantage of the sweet tables and graphs. By clicking on “statistics” [up top], and then “engagement” [left side bar] and “optimization” [also left side bar] something like this pops up:

How useful is that?! They even tell you that the biggest light grey rounds are the best times for me, personally, to post. Neat, eh? I also scrolled down to look up the most popular tags and if I’ve used them. Very enlightening stuff…
Speaking of best times to post, here’s some useful information in regards to when most folks are “logged-on.” This information is taken from‘s findings. [ is al excellent source for shortening links and tracking the clicks!]
Twitter: Most click-throughs and interactions occur between Monday and Thursday, 1-3pm EST. Each tweet has a half-life of less than 3 hours. Not too many people are checking their feed after 8pm on weekdays and 3pm on Fridays. Apparently Fridays are a little slower in Twitter-land. Folks are probably getting wastedface. hahaha jk. not really. 😛
Oh hey, check out that sweet typo. Doh!
Tumblr is a rare bird: 7pm – 10pm EST are the most popular hours. I need to keep that in mind when balancing things on Buster’s noggin. 🙂
Facebook: 1 – 4pm EST [and much less on weekends] And remember, with their new updates, if you are posting from outside of Facebook [twitter] the post is likely to get buried. I tend to comment on a post if I want to make sure it gets seen.
I didn’t see anything on Instagram, other than what was on Statigram Iconosquare. Probably follows similar trends to Twitter. What I will share about Instagram is: “Don’t be a firehouse!” Use Latergramme to schedule your individual photos, just do not post one after the other after the other after the other after the other….it clogs up feeds and generally causes you lose followers. Facebook album that stuff.
Tweet tips!!
*Offer content, not some cryptic message. If you are going to retweet [RT] add your own personal commentary. And if you want to be RTed, make sure you save some room for someone else’s commentary – don’t use all 140 characters!
*Write well – 2 many abbrev. can be distracting 4 ppl. ha! But seriously, incorrect grammar is distracting.
*Stay positive! Save the whining bad day stinkiness for Facebook where you have friends that will support you and punch that jerk barrista in the face.
*Be informative rather than me-formative. This is something I truly need to work on. Share interesting articles, facts, etc. Don’t just write about what kind of soup you just had for lunch.
*Interactions are key. Have conversations! Join in on trending hashtags…etc.
Speaking of hashtags….
*Don’t over do it. One hashtag is enough in the twitterverse – any more is considered a “turn off.” [We are talking Twitter not Instagram, Mr. Judgey McJudgerton!] Save the multiple tags for your IG account.
The main social media hubs that I didn’t really look into are Pinterest and google+. My friend Kiki got me back onto google+. I had previously created a profile and then never really utilized it. Apparently it’s fixin’ to be the next big thing! So get on that boat. [And don’t use more than 3 hashtags!]
Pinterest…I’ve been trying to organize my boards in a more detailed manner. I’ve searched new pins and repinned a lot of others’ pins. If you have any Pinterest tips I’d love to hear them!
I hope I shared something you can utilize! Please share any of your findings, too!
This is kind of fun! I feel so studious. 🙂
p.s. Ever wonder why Google Analytics and Blogger have such crazy different statistics?! A great answer here.


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  1. Ah, Pinterest! I read an article (and promptly forgot where) on how it's becoming the next business-enhancing social media tool, since FB is run by donkeys. Which means posts need a visual with the title on the photo. And that's all I got!

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