best monday ever

I was going about my Sunday night business [switching purses, putting things away…] when I turn and see these two cuddling up.

Now I’m not saying either us of will have the best Monday ever, but I figure sharing this amount of cuteness couldn’t hurt. 🙂

They don’t play *all* the time, though Rory definitely tries. But when they do, it’s pretty amazing.

Speaking of kitties at play – I just ordered a scratching post for lil’ Rory. She keeps waking me up at night scratching an arm chair, and only stops when I catch her. So I figure it’s about time.

Any other kitty toys/things that you simply can’t live without?

The blanket they have stolen from me is my absolute favorite in the whole world. I’m not sure how it’s lasted as long as it has! My guess is about 25 years, at least.




  1. Those two are adorable!
    My cat loves to play with boxes, she likes to try to fit into really small boxes and that makes her happy…also she likes to play with balls that are not too heavy, so yeah you need to get boxes and balls for Rory XD

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