what i wore – Madewell and Reigruche

A while back I attended the local Madewell event with James of Bleubird. I was excited to see some of my blogger friends, and score some event priced merch. 🙂 My sister made a couple purchases, one being this super comfy sweater. Shes’ the best! And it was perfect timing, because come Sunday there was a pretty decent temperature drop and I was able to wear it. If you are from the south, a sweater and shorts makes perfect sense. It’s chilly, but not cold enough to really bundle up. 🙂

As soon as I let the dogs out that morning I knew my activities today needed to involve being outside. It felt so nice! And us Houstonians know it’s temporary! 

Sweater and necklace: Madewell
Fox Toms: Custom painted via Reigruche Werkstatt
“grrfeisty” necklace: Bueno Bueno
Glasses: BonLook‘s Honeybadger in olive
Shorts: my most favorite Bullhead shorts via PacSun [similar]
big ol’ ring: University of Texas Austin grad ring via Mastercraft Jewlery
[Interesting story: A friend of mine graduated from Baylor and, like many Baylor girls, had her ring made by Mastercraft. I liked it so much my friend and I asked if they could do a UT one. They asked for a photo of the seal, which we provided them with, and now, years later, they advertise their rings on the UT campus. Cool eh??]

Thanks to my wonderful husband, Daniel, for helping me with my photographs. He is the sweetest. 🙂




  1. Sounds like such a fun event! And I am absolutely on board with the sweater/shorts combo.

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