what i wore – camo day

I’ve never worn camouflage before [and actually don’t own any!] but for Red Ribbon Week at work we had “Camo Day.” So I borrowed a shirt from Daniel.

I was pretty excited. This shirt has history. Well, I have history with it. There’s a photo of Daniel somewhere, where he’s sitting on the stairs at my parents’ house, with this shirt on. I had the biggest crush on him at the time. And then he wore it the weekend we started dating.

Here are our first photographs together as love interests. Bahaha.

^See?? Camo shirt. And I swear he likes me. hahaha
I definitely idolized Ashley Simpson that year. Don’t judge me.

Top and cardi: gifts…
Skirt: Mossimo via Target
Belt: Forever21
Boots: Shoemint
Glasses: Bonlook




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