Things I am Learning about Rory

In the 3 weeks that I have loved Rory Falkor, these are the things I have learned about her.

                                     1. Just like dogs have what  I call, “crazy dog runs” – so do kitties.
                                     2. Things that are not toys are the best toys.
                                     3. Apparently the safest place for her to climb is on top of my head.
                                     4. She’s the cutest nuzzler.
                                     5. Her purring could wake the dead.
                                     6. She likes dog licks.
                                     7. Rory thinks legs are ladders.
                                     8. Collars suck.
                                     9. Leashes suck more.
                                     10. Milk [in tiny doses] is awesome.




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