thanks to blue buffalo

When Osa was a puppy, she had a pretty nasty infection on her tail. It went away with some ointment and medicine and a lot of bandage changes.

As she grew older, we noticed that she was always scratching. We checked for fleas, but she had none. When we discovered red bumps on her belly, and still no fleas or bugs, we took her to the vet. Osa was suffering from dry skin that itched so bad, she lost patches of fur from her gnawing at herself all day.

Enter the cone.

The vet gave us a special lotion to use on her skin and suggested we buy her a different brand of dog food, one that didn’t list corn as a main ingredient.

Enter Blue Buffalo, exit the cone.

Since getting Osa [and Sam!] onto Blue Buffalo, Osa has had zilch skin problems. I haven’t seen any random red bumps in over a year, and she hasn’t suffered from dry skin, either!
The switch has also made Osa’s fur so much shinier and softer! My softest little cuddle bug.

Our vet has also been telling Daniel and I that we need to get Sam’s weight under 100 pounds. Blue Buffalo Senior [Sam is about 11 years old] has been exactly what the doctor ordered. At first he ate the regular adult breed food that Osa gets, but it didn’t quite have the right amount of nutrients for his age and activity levels. The Senior medley suits his needs perfectly! He is pretty old for a large dog, but is the most active animal in our home, and is at a wonderfully healthy weight, too!

Daniel and I love our pups so much. We only want the best for them. I’m so glad a friend of ours turned us onto Blue Buffalo. It might be a little pricier than your run of the [corn] mill brands, but our dogs are so much healthier and we are incredibly thankful.

This is NOT a sponsored blog post. As part of my 31 days of animal love I feel that our experience with Blue Buffalo is worth sharing. If your pet doesn’t have the best coat of fur, if he/she is suffering from dry, itchy skin, give BB a chance. Our dogs thank us every day. ๐Ÿ™‚




  1. My poor pup has been suffering from the same problem for months! He has sores all over his belly from scratching him self on the carpet and cries while he itches, it's heartbreaking. We had him on antibiotics and changed his food to the same food that you've shown here which had helped for a while but they itching is back ๐Ÿ™ Do you by chance know the name of the lotion your vet had given you so I could talk to my vet about it? I feel so terrible for the little guy and I'm not sure what else to try. Thank you so much!

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