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There are few things that irk me as much as seeing a dog loose near my work place [a middle school]. It happens so often that I have adopted Osa and Rory [ok, she’s a cat], and found homes for several other dogs: the most recent being Penny.
Why do complete strangers need to be the ones caring for your dog?? Why can’t you make your yard escape-proof? Perhaps a collar with contact info?? Do you even care?
I just can’t figure out how these people don’t notice their pet is missing. I worry because some students are not very kind to animals.
Things I wish people with pets would do:
SPAY/NEUTER [moreso for folks whose pets escape – which are typically the type that wouldn’t even bother with getting the animal fixed – IT’S A CYCLE]

I want to save them all. I really do. 🙁

Stupid people are stupid.

The end.

[I totally bought that tshirt last year]



  1. Ha – I agree completely. I also have beef with people who don't leash their dog in public. At the beach, during our vacation, we had numerous run ins with people on the beach & on the streets that don't leash their dogs…. one memorial moment included a dog charging out of her yard and nearly attacking my dog (who was on a leash, walking calmly on the road and minding her own p's and q's)… it was intense. And the owner of the loose dog was so rude! All I can say is… leash laws. There's a reason for them!

    Also… register your pet with the town and put that tag on their collar so that if your animal gets loose and some kind person finds him/her, you can get him/her back.

  2. When people don't care about their pets, it breaks my heart. I love my dog so much and if I didn't live in a loft, I would have lots of them. When my dog takes off, I run around the neighborhood for hours looking for him. You are such a kind soul to take care of these dogs and find them homes.

  3. I have a policy: if I see a dog roaming around without contact info on his tags, I will pick him up and take him to the nearest no-kill shelter. If his owners can't be bothered to care for him, let someone else who really WANTS him have the chance to adopt him.
    (and if the owners *do* care, enough to have him chipped or something, but it was a rogue escape, then it's a good lesson to change their situation such that he can't get out and endanger himself in the future)

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