Like a Boss

The end of September marked Houston Roller Derby‘s last bout of the 2013 season. Both teams’ All Stars were competing in Ashville that weekend, so it was definitely an interesting game!
Here are a few snapshots of my team’s bout against the Sirens. GO BOSSES! 🙂
Mary Queen of Skates, Singapore Rogue, Morgue, Soxstar, Lily Von Stomp
Feisty! 🙂
ShawShank, Starr
Bloody Hell, Singapore Rogue, Starr
My pals, Maria [HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!], Sandy, Daniel, and DJ.
Bustin Beaver and I.
Feisty! 🙂
Jenetic Defect, Mommy Fearest
Soxstar, Sick Nick, Morgue
Bleeda Ford, a pack of winners 🙂
This bout was my best yet. My team worked together, talked, planned, stayed CALM.
I am also pretty dang proud of myself. I’ve come a long way since the start of the season…trained really hard and worked on my endurance and strength through CrossFit. A fan approached me afterwards and also mentioned how much better I have become since the start [backhanded compliment?]. Hey, it’s true! ha!
I jammed 13 times [the most by one!] and scored 33 points [the most by three!]. I felt great, my endurance was the strongest it’s ever been…I can’t believe we won. 
Photos courtesy of Hung L. Truong Photography.



  1. Congrats! Looks like the perfect way to end the season. You have such an awesome stance!

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