attack of the puppers!

Look who is visiting for a few days!

While my friend heals post-op, Penny is staying at my place.

Because she [P] is in her awkward teen years, Osa took a little longer to warm up to her. We’ve had Osa’s muzzle on most of the time she is around Penny, but have been letting them play sans muzzle while keeping a close eye. Things are going well. When Penny plays with Sam, though, Osa gets too anxious and we have to put her in another room. Poor babe. Always trying to fix the situation with her teefs.

A more difficult situation: Rory. Penny is too aggressive/curious with her. But Rory is persistent. She doesn’t want to be shut up in her tower any longer. ha! Rory comes downstairs, Penny lunges, Rory hisses, hides under the couch, goes upstairs, comes back down, Penny lunges, etc, etc. Hopefully there is a break in the cycle soon.

We’ll see how things go during the work week!




  1. How sweet of you to take care of Penny! She's a cutie but sounds like you definitely have your work cut out for you!

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