a fourlegged halloweenie

Happy Halloween!!!
But how sad is it that October is over?! Maybe that’s why I have been binge eating all of the candies…

 [construction paper bats ;; spray painted mini-pumpkins]
Rastafari kitty has the munchies.

Throwback Buster. Did you know she has her own Tumblr account?
Such a smartypants. 🙂

“No more costumes please.”

“I’m done now, right??”

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that this is a 3 month old kitten SITTING STILL IN COSTUME. ……………….okay, moving on.

 Yes, Rory. Now you are done. 🙂

Enjoy the Halloween cute-fest!
31 days of animal love




  1. oh my gawwwd! i love that one of rory as a sailor and tricera-sam! how stinkin cute! i WANTED to dress my kitties but never got around to it. i'm pretty sure I get mom-points for last minute getting them into costume as tony stark and a ninja.

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