Wedding Portraits [and video!]

Our amazing friends/photographers Two Birds Photography got us on the Rock n’ Roll Bride blog.
I’m pretty excited about the feature! I wish our photographers would have received a bit more credit, and a couple details are incorrect [I had shared a little more, but I guess it was cut], but I’m pretty honored. Bonnie wrote a blog post with lots more details! And links. You should check it out.
Thanks so much to Bonnie and Gabe [photographed in the last two photos]. They are truly amazing and Daniel and I are very lucky to have stumbled upon their friendship. 🙂
[More photos and wedding details HERE]
Because I’ve got so many posts, I added a button to the menu: “Wedding Related.”
And you know what? There are probably a couple more posts still coming. Ha! Gotta get the reception and ceremony in there.



  1. Roxy, this video was SO AMAZING!!! What a neat thing to have, and it totally made me want to hire a videographer for my own wedding (which isn't happening yet, but when it does!!) I even teared up…it's also that time of the month (TMI) so I'm probably a bit more emotional than normal, but it was just so beautiful and the moments that were captured were amazing. I loved the dinner conversation scene & the part where you're standing by your gramma and she's holding your arm (that's when the tears started flowing)

    Your whole wedding just looked like a dream. You can see the love between the two of you and I hope you guys have a long and happy life together.

    PS: What was the coolest gift you received? I'm DYING for ideas of what to get my brother?!

  2. Well, your wedding video is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing! =)

    P.S. Where did you find the yellow plane???

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